Being the first professional association in the sphere of Public Relations, APRA unites organizations and professionals working in the field of Public Relations and Mass Communications in state structures, private sector and NGO's.

Our activities proceed from the belief that that the stable and progressive development of the modern society is feasible only if there exists an effectively functioning system of management of information flows. In the process of the formation of civil society in Armenia PR technologies, based on the principles of openness, cooperation and trust have become one of the most indispensable and important factors in the activities of practically all institutions. What is more essential is that the final result of the policy of openness is the promotion to the perception of the actions of public institutions by the members of the society, and as a consequence, the possibility of an informed choice of certain attitudes towards them. At our web site you can find more detailed information about the activities of our association, our current projects and plans, as well as get acquainted with open-source materials on PR and related spheres.