• Formulates and maintains organization visibility and image among Armenian public and promotes APRA goals and mission on local and international level.

  • Assists in the fund raising for APRA vital projects.

  • Encourages the process of exchanging information and experiences in various aspects between APRA, other NGOs, GOVT structures and private companies, as well as international organizations, especially those working in the field of Advocacy, Public Awareness Raising and Information Exchange Support.

  • Provides a gateway through which the public can gain access to APRA resources that serve the public interest (e. g., technical and professional assistance, community problem solving, knowledge transfer).

  • Facilitates communication among NGO public initiatives for better coordination at Statewide and community levels;
    Facilitate and support models of public involvement with the people of Armenia.

  • Communicates exemplary models of NGO-community partnerships that address issues that matter to the people of Armenia .

"SOCIUM" RESEARCH CENTER functions within the "Research and Project Development Department of Association and offers the sociological accompaniment for PR and advertising campaigns:
  • conducts marketing studies (the measurement to market size; the study of the preferences of the consumers, brand research

  • monitors advertising campaigns -performs a study to efficiency of the advertisement before, during and after the advertising campaign, traces the advertisement effectiveness ;

  • studies efficiency of media promotion campaigns (media-preferences of consumers, TV channels, radio stations and newspapers rating measurement)

  • performs content analysis of the telecasts, promotional trailers, newspapers

  • conducts sociological studies including study of the public opinion (stereotype discovery and mythology comparative analysis, service and trademark popularity
  • ,
  • performs studies on social stereotypes and values

  • makes electoral behaviour forecasts

  • determines rating of political parties and leaders,
  • [makes image analysis and develops imagemaking strategies and recommendations

  • carries our omnibus studies and panel studies;

  • "
  • studies "business-to-business" cooperation prospects.

  • Develops an education and research policy for the Association

  • Works with government and business institutions in the country to create research and education bodies where the PR profession can sustain them to counsel and assist;

  • Seeks to maintain an active liaison with those international and national bodies of comparable nature and purpose within the public relations profession
  • .
  • Serves the public interest by upholding a standard of proficiency and code of ethics, and by providing ongoing professional development to its members and public relations practitioners across Armenia.